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Printed Plastic Bags Resources
Professional Associations
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American Plastic Council
The American Plastics Council (APC) is a major trade association for the United States plastics industry working to ensure that plastics are recognized as a preferred material by actively demonstrating they are a responsible choice in a more environmentally conscious world. To accomplish our mission we demonstrate the benefits of plastic products like plastic bags and packaging supplies and the contributions of the plastics industry to the society it serves. We also demonstrate that plastics are an efficient use of natural resources and that plastics and the industry are part of the solution to the public's environmental performance expectations. Our members are among the nation's largest manufacturers of plastics. APC also includes seven business units and an affiliated trade association, each comprised of APC members and customers whose purpose is to address technical and public policy issues specific to their products. Our business units include; Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry (API), Polycarbonate Business Unit, Polystyrene Packaging Council (PSPC), Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA), Foamed Polystyrene Alliance (FPSA), Polyolefins Fire Performance Council, and Expandable Polystyrene Resin Suppliers Council (ERSC). The Vinyl Institute (VI) is our affiliated trade association.

Film and Bag Federation
The Film and Bag Federation (FBF) is a business unit of the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. (SPI) that actively promotes the growth of the plastic film and plastic bag industry. The SPI is the only trade association that represents all segments of our industry and the FBF is the only group that speaks for the plastic film and plastic bag industry on both national -- and regional -- levels. FBF membership includes companies that are in the plastic bags segment of the industry as well as those in the film sector. There is important synergy between the two groups as issues and concerns that affect one, affect the other.

Flexible Packaging Association
As the leading trade organization for flexible packaging converters and suppliers, the Flexible Packaging Association is helping its members meet the business challenges of the 21st century. Browse this site to learn more about the packaging supplies industry as well as our organization and members.

Food Service and Packaging Institute
Serving the single-use food service packaging industry for over 65 years, the Food Service& Packaging Institute is the material-neutral trade association for manufacturers, suppliers, packaging supplies and distributors of single-use food service packaging products, as well as others associated with the industry.

Institute of Packaging Professionals
The Institute of Packaging Professionals strives to be a central unifying force in packaging matters in North America, and to be a leading and authoritative packaging association for the benefit of its members, the packaging community like packaging supplies companies, and society. The  Institute of Packaging Professionals is dedicated to the proposition that packaging is a positive, environmentally responsible and economically efficient force, operating in a modern economic society for the benefit and improved well-being of its people. The  Institute of Packaging Professionals is committed to global leadership in packaging, which can be achieved only through the continuing education and growth of its members and other packaging professionals. The  Institute of Packaging Professionals is operated with rigorous quality standards, reinforced by continuous improvement and growth in the organization, its activities and operations. The  Institute of Packaging Professionals is working with a dedicated team of volunteer leaders and employed staff, which collaborate efficiently and effectively for the betterment of packaging, the packaging community,  Institute of Packaging Professionals and all of us as individuals;  Institute of Packaging Professionals is maintaining timely and efficient communications among themselves and all other interested parties., Inc., serves the needs of the professionals representing all segments of the global plastics industry by providing content and services designed to engage, inform and educate its members. This industry leading community engages plastics professionals i.e. plastic bags executives  in the ultimate peer-to-peer experience, providing actionable information, tools and services to help members get their jobs done. has the unique combination of in-house, world class web development and plastics domain expertise, as well as the most valuable internet location within the industry; The core management team has worked together on plastics internet projects since 1994 and is building an ambitious site that will embrace all materials, all processes and all plastics professionals worldwide. " provides trusted advice, content and services for busy plastics professionals through its community-oriented web site," said Greg Koski, CEO of "This audience is of extremely high value to our industry partners by virtue of their job functions, influence, and need for highly credible, real-time information. Having achieved this momentum, we are now beginning phase two which is a staged roll out of procurement services and other marketplace revenue channels. This effort began third quarter 2000 and projects through the end of 2002.", Inc., was founded in 2000 and is headquartered just outside of Boston, Mass. It is privately-held and incorporated in Massachusetts and Delaware.

Society of the Plastic Industry
Founded in 1937, the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. is the trade association representing one of the largest manufacturing industries in the United States. SPI's 1,500 members represent the entire plastics industry supply chain, including processors, machinery, plastic bags and equipment manufacturers and raw material suppliers. The U.S. plastics industry employs more than 1.5 million workers and provides more than $330 billion in annual shipments. The mission of the Society of the Plastics Industry is to be a world class trade association representing the entire plastics industry in a way that promotes the development of the plastics industry and enhances the public's understanding of its contributions while meeting the needs of society and providing value to its members.
Packaging Schools

Michigan State University School of Packaging
The Michigan State University School of Packaging is a great information resource for anyone thinking of entering the packaging supplies industry.  The School of Packaging supports the industry of packaging and packaging supplies by educating students who are interested in employment in the industry, by conducting research to solve packaging problems and develop new technology which can be used by the industry, and by providing adult education programs and other services to the industry.

Rochester Institute of Technology
The Rochester Institute of Technology  interdisciplinary packaging science program, leading to the bachelor of science degree, provides educational opportunities for men and women seeking careers in the multifaceted packaging industry. Graduates are prepared for initial employment in such areas as package engineering, development, sales, purchasing, structural design, production, research, plastic bags and packaging supplies companies and marketing.

San Jose State University
Packaging is an exciting, dynamic profession that uniquely involves business, technology, design, and environment. Packaging professionals, like packaging supplies and plastic bags executives bring to market innovative, cost-effective packaging that allows their companies to attract new customers and increase their business. They are developing revolutionary new food and drug packages that will extend the life of perishable products so they can safely be shipped all over the world.

Careers in Packaging
Packaging is the nation's third largest industry, and it is growing.  Packaging graduates are in such a demand that, typically, each graduate has three job offers on graduation.   Since SJSU is one of only ten packaging programs in the US, our graduates are among the most sought after and highly paid of college graduates.


Packaging graduates are hired to:

  • Design and develop new products and packages
  • Engineer and manage automated production and distribution systems
  • Manage the purchasing, control and disposal of packaging, packaging supplies and other materials
  • Market and sell package materials, packaging supplies and equipment.

Information, News & Resources

Modern Plastics
Modern Plastics provides readers with vital information:

* Exclusive industry news necessary for business executives to succeed in this dynamic global market.
* In-depth and timely reporting on all aspects of the plastics industry from processing to resins to equipment to services, e-business, and applications.
* Special reports on key product categories and growing markets worldwide.
* Directories focusing on specific industry segments. is a web site devoted to the packaging industry. It is for suppliers and buyers of packaging machinery, plastic bags materials, components and services. It is for the seasoned CEO and the person sitting down to his or her first day on the job. It is for anyone who works in this challenging and innovative business. It is a place that is going to help all of us to be smarter, to do our jobs better, and to communicate more effectively. The information you need at your fingertips, to meet the demands your day places in front of you, is right here, available from the convenience of your own computer.

Packaging Network
The Packaging Network is and online publication for the packaging industry: daily news updates, new product information, feature articles, buyers guide, bookstore, career center.

Packaging Strategies Magazine
Since 1983, Packaging Strategies has delivered to the world's packaging leaders, the kind of inside, informed news and analysis that cannot be found anywhere else in the world of packaging. We cover the tough issues, the ones other publications and conferences are afraid to touch. But, without this hard-to-get knowledge, you're missing the whole story -- you're not operating with all the facts.

Our valued Packaging Strategies customers are the most influential people in packaging and they depend on us for something that goes beyond information... they expect us to tell them what it all means. We move our customers to the next level in packaging information with three service centers:

Plastic Encounter Trade Shows
Plastics Encounter Trade Shows are regional marketplaces where professionals conduct the business of the global plastics industry through exhibits and conferences that provide unprecedented networking opportunities.

Plastics News is the online complement to Plastics News, a Crain Communications publication. Plastics, founded in 1989, is a weekly business newspaper serving more than 60,000 readers in a variety of managerial positions. The newspaper is based in Akron, Ohio and is staffed by more than 40 people in a variety of editorial, sales and administrative roles. To learn more about the people behind Plastics News visit our Contact us page.

Since founding Plastics News in 1989, we have been devoting our best efforts to reporting the news of the plastics industry like plastic bags completely, promptly and accurately.

We believe that the plastics industry in North America is served best with a timely, independent news service covering all segments of the industry including packaging supplies. We expanded this service in 1996 when we launched as the global plastics industry's premier online site for breaking news and market data.



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