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Anti-static: Any bag or film which dissipates static electricity

Bags on a Roll: Bags can put up on 3" I.D. core rolls with perforations in between the side or bottom seals to facilitate dispensing of the bags.

Barrier: Any bag or film with barrier properties which would have a low water vapor transmission rate WVTR and or a low oxygen transmission rate OTR. This type film would be used to keep a product fresh or to keep oxygen or liquid in or out of a package.

Bottom Gusset: Is a fold or pleat installed in the bottom of a bag to allow expansion at that point. A bottom gusset can also be used as a “stand up” bag, meaning when the bag is filled with product, the bag will form a flat surface on the bottom sufficient to allow the bag to stand up if set on a flat surface.

Bottom seal: Poly bags that have a heat seal across the width at the bottom of the bag are manufactured by making a seal about 1/4" up from the bottom. Bottom seal bags are tubular, meaning there are no side seals.

Burst Pouch: A flexible pouch designed to hold and separate 2 or more liquids until the “burst” or “frangible” seal is intentionally ruptured to allow mixing of the components within the pouch.

Center fold: Film which is folded in half and wound on a roll usually for use on “L-bar” sealers

Center slit: Film which is extruded and then slit up the center of one side (also known as “C” slit). This style of film is generally seen on wide film with opposing print schemes used to cover lumber or similar items.

Co-ex: is an abbreviation for coextruded. This is any film which extrudes a dual layer of film simultaneously for the purpose creating new or better film properties. Coextruded film can be two layers of the same film or different films.

Flat bag: A flat or individual plastic bag is the most basic poly bag construction. Flat bags have no gussets (folds or pleats). Flat poly bags can be either side welded or bottom sealed. Flat bags have a width and a length dimension and one open end measured across the width.

Flexographic Print: Is the most common print method used to print on film using printing plates manufactured from natural or synthetic rubber and mount on round cylinders. Flexographic printing is available up to 10 colors.

Header Seal: A header seal is heat sealed across the width of the bag, usually near the top. Many custom poly bags used at point-of-purchase displays have been loaded from the bottom and sealed by the company that packages the product. A header seal keeps the contents of the bag from rising to the top of the bag and interfering with the hang hole or being obscured by printing in the header area. For small quantities or more flexibility to make changes on printed headers, a cardboard header with a hang hole can be used, but making plastic bags with a header seal as an integral part of the bag is more cost effective at larger quantities.

Inside flip: an additional lip of film which is sealed into the end of a bag to allow a closure mechanism. This is generally used in the garment industry. Men’s dress shirts are packaged in a bag with an inside flip so the consumer can touch or even remove the product without damaging the packaging.

Laminated: Is any film laminated in multiple layers to achieve better barrier and or structural properties. The film is laminated using adhesive or tie layers.

Metalized: A film with layer of foil laminated to the seal layer for the purpose of creating a shiny or metallic appearance as well as enhancing the barrier properties.

Mil or Thickness: The term "mil" is sometimes used in reference to the thickness of the polyethylene film. It expresses thousandths of an inch as a whole number. Thus, 1.5 mil is one and one half thousandths of an inch or .0015". When this measurement is included in a bag dimension, it refers to the thickness of the film for one side of a bag.

Multi-folded: wide width film which is folded down to fit on a smaller width roll. Example: 20 foot wide boat shrink film is multi-folded so the roll is only 4 feet wide. When unwound, the film is 20 feet wide.

MVTR: Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate. This is a measurement of how quickly moisture and air will pass through the plastic film. It varies depending on the type of resin used to extrude the film, the thickness, and the film's ambient environment.

OTR: Oxygen Transmission Rate. This is a measurement of how quickly oxygen will pass through the plastic film. It varies depending on the type of resin used to extrude the film, the thickness, and the film's ambient environment.

Outside flip: an additional lip of film which is sealed into the end of a bag to allow a closure mechanism. This is generally used in applications like a sandwich bag. The product is placed in the bag and the “outside flip” is flipped over to form a closure.

Perforation: A vertical or horizontal perforation installed in the film or bag to allow an easy open feature by the end user.

Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll: are similar to bags on rolls except they are manufactured with the front perforation already pre-opened. These bags are also wound a specifically designed standardized core to fit automatic and semi-automatic equipment for fast loading and sealing.

Process print: is a print method used to print a reproduction of a picture. Tiny dots of color using CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) create the image.

Random Print: Is any print which repeats the same print in a random way on the film or bag. Multiple impression of the same art would be repeated with even spacing.

Recloseable or  zip lock: Any bag manufactured with a standard zip track closure or slider zip closure

Registered Print: Is any print which is registered on the bag or film, meaning the art appears in exactly the same location each time. Registration is achieved by an electric eye reading an eyespot printed as part of the design.

Shrink Collar: Is a sleeve manufactured from PVC, Polyolefin, or Shrink Polyethylene which, when heat is applied, shrinks to form a seal or band around a container. These are commonly used for security on many containers as a tamper evident seal.

Side gusset: A side gusset is formed by pushing the side edges of a flat poly bag into the bag interior, making an accordion type fold along both sides of the bag. Side gusset bags are always bottom sealed. The size of the side gusset is measured across the open or unfolded dimension. Plastic bags constructed in this manner conform well to box-like shapes.

Side weld: Bags that have a heat sealed edge along the length of each side are manufactured by sealing the sides.

Sleeve: is a bag with both ends open

Square Bottom: Bags which are manufactured with a square or 3 dimensional bottom

Staple Pack: When a chipboard fold over header card is stapled to hold a group of poly bags. The bags would always be side seal with a 1.5” lip. The chipboard header can be just a few inches long or extend the length of the bag. Many times the chipboard header will have a hang hold for convenience.

T-shirt bag: Is a common bag design seen at the check-out counters of supermarket. These bags have handles as part of the design and usually have die-cut holes to allow mounting on a dispenser rack.

Tubing: Is continuous lay flat tubing on a roll. The width of “lay flat” tubing is always measured in the flat position, not diameter. Example: 10” lay flat tubing would have a circumference of 20”.

Vented: Any bag or film which has vent holes installed to allow air to escape. Vent holes can be pin vents, micro perforations, round vents, or butterfly vents

Wicket: A bent piece of wire designed to hold a group of poly bags for easy filling and sealing. The bags would always be side seal with a 1.5” lip with two holes to allow the wicket to be inserted. Wickets are available in even inch widths. Wicketed bags are generally used on a drop sealer with bag opening machine.



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