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Environment:

Smart Tech Bags are manufactured in the U.S.A. with 100% Certified Renewable
Energy generated from sources like wind and solar power.



Smart Tech Bags™ technologies provide greater confidence in use and more flexibility to balance strength, gauge, and cost.These bags, film and tubing products are unsurpassed in performance for six target

For applications where strength is paramount, these items are engineered to provide three times the impact (ASTM D1709) and twice the tensile strength (ASTM D882) of conventional low density film.

For smaller bag, film and tubing applications, typically less than eighteen inches in width, these items are formulated for lower haze values to accommodate the need for superior clarity.

Static Control
For static sensitive applications where short static decay times are required, these bags and tubing products are engineered to meet the static decay rates and surface resistivity of MIL-PRF-81705D Type II Class 1 and EIA-541.

UV Control
To provide extended film durability in exterior applications, these items employ the use of extremely efficient stabilizers to protect against light-induced degradation and inhibit thermal degradation.

Freezer Control
These items are engineered to provide greater elasticity at lower temperatures. In freezing temperatures, they demonstrate better impact resistance, tear strength and are more resistant to punctures.

Postal Approved

These items are formulated to comply with the USPS T-3204 protocol for use on automation rate flat-size mail pieces. Performance standards met include haze, blocking, coefficient of friction and static charge decay.


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